The intricate complexity of today's business world makes it indispensable to count on top quality and integral legal advice at hand at all times. In order to meet this need optimally BEJARANO JARAMILLO & ASOCIADOS has created an all-encompassing service portfolio supported by edge communications technology that enables our firm to offer real time assistance and consultancy to both domestic and international customers.

BEJARANO JARAMILLO & ASOCIADOS designates an attorney for each customer account. This attorney takes responsibility for making up a work team involving in-house as well as external attorneys either domestically or internationally or both as may be required by the issue at stake. In this manner it is possible for us to establish the balance needed between customized service and the specialization required for each individual business.

The Firm's strategic objective is to prevent conflict through a comprehensive and judicious study of the various business articulations and the ongoing immediate response to consultations and problem solving formulations.

In the case of disputes, BEJARANO JARAMILLO & ASOCIADOS counts on the capacity to offer alternative solutions via mechanisms such as conciliation and arbitration, as the case may be. We also act in our capacity as barristers within the ordinary, administrative contentious, constitutional and international justice system. Likewise, our Firm offers its legal services in the "Writ of Vandamus/breach of fundamental rights" sphere.

Finally, BEJARANO JARAMILLO & ASOCIADOS intends to keep at the vanguard in the new areas of Law initially mentioned in this introductory briefing.